Scandinavian Airlines launches new route to Hong Kong

Breaking Travel News  2015-09-11 09:11:37

Scandinavian Airlines? first departure to Hong Kong took off today, offering good connections with the UK from Heathrow and Manchester. At the same time, SAS re-opened its lounge at Arlanda following extensive ...

SAS swings to profit in first 9M of financial year

Air Transport World  2015-09-08 18:51:00

SAS Scandinavian Airlines has reported a net profit of SEK439 million ($52 million) for the first nine months of its financial year, reversed from a net loss of SEK416 million for the year-ago period. ...

CEO: SAS focused on long-haul flights in Northern Hemisphere

Air Transport World  2015-08-20 19:09:00

SAS Scandinavian Airlines plans to launch three North-Atlantic routes in 2016, adding 330,000 seats to its international network, the company said. read more

SAS reconsiders Boeing 717 replacements for Blue1 subsidiary

Air Transport World  2015-08-10 19:48:00

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)?which announced plans in December 2014 to ?reboot? its Blue1 subsidiary by replacing its nine Boeing 717s with 737-600s from its mainline fleet?is now rethinking the ...

SAS reduces losses in 1H, swings to profit in 2Q

Air Transport World  2015-06-19 09:18:00

SAS Scandinavian Airlines sharply reduced its losses for the first half of its financial year. read more

CEO: SAS still finalizing details on pilots? seniority status

Air Transport World  2015-06-12 17:07:00

SAS Scandinavian Airlines, which last month approved the last of four collective bargaining agreements with all four pilot unions, is still finalizing details on seniority status. read more

SAS Norwegian pilots end strike, agree on new labor deal

Air Transport World  2015-05-28 15:44:00

SAS Scandinavian Airlines has agreed a new one-year collective bargaining agreement with Norwegian pilots? union NSF, back-dated to April 1, ending seven days of strike more

SAS finalizes collective bargaining agreement with SPF pilots

Air Transport World  2015-05-21 15:12:00

Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) has signed a new collective bargaining agreement with its pilots, represented by Sweden?s SPF union, averting industrial more

SAS seeks new personnel as demand boosts services

Air Transport World  2015-05-19 18:14:00

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) will increase services between Scandinavia and New York from the start of its winter season in late more

SAS to take $5.8 million hit from Cimber walkout

Air Transport World  2015-03-12 16:46:00

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) estimates that a five-day walkout over plans to transfer regional jet cabin crew to newly acquired Cimber will set it back SEK50 million ($5.8 million).read more

Scandinavian Airlines sells another pair of Heathrow slots

Air Transport World  2015-03-11 20:58:00

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) has sold a pair of slots at capacity-constrained London Heathrow Airport to Turkish Airlines, marking its second slot disposal this year. read more

SAS 1Q net loss deepens to $75.5 million

Air Transport World  2015-03-10 16:07:00

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) reported a first-quarter net loss of SEK640 million ($75.5 million), widened 82.5% from a SEK112 million loss in the year-ago period. read more

Flybe takes ATRs on strength for white label contract

Air Transport World  2015-02-26 13:21:00

UK-based regional carrier Flybe has leased four ATR 72-600 turboprops from Singapore lessor Avation to undertake ?white label? services on behalf of Scandinavian more

Scandinavian Airlines raises $60 million from Heathrow slot sale

Air Transport World  2015-02-04 15:16:00

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) has sold one of its 21 London Heathrow Airport slot pairs to an unnamed ?major international carrier? for $60 more

Scandinavian Airlines close to finalizing Cimber acquisition

Air Transport World  2015-02-03 15:23:00

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) is in the final stages of acquiring Danish regional carrier Cimber for DKK20 million ($3 million), after receiving approval from the Danish Competition and Consumer ...

Amadeus goes the extra mile with Cabforce deal

Breaking Travel News  2014-12-24 09:40:24

Amadeus has closed the gap of the ?first and last mile? of the air journey, by announcing the launch of the Amadeus Taxi & Transfer solution in partnership with Cabforce, with Scandinavian Airlines as ...

SAS plots cautious growth, dismisses Norwegian challenge

Air Transport World  2014-12-22 19:08:00

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) will add a new Stockholm-Hong Kong service in 2015, as part of its cautious capacity growth plan, and is unconcerned about Norwegian?s recent discrimination more

SAS posts $94 million fiscal year net loss; raises cost cutting target

Air Transport World  2014-12-19 21:11:00

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) has added another SEK2.1 billion ($273.5 million) to its cost savings target after swinging to a SEK719 million full-year net loss compared with a SEK1.4 billion prior-year ...

Blue1 to replace Boeing 717s, likely with 737-600s

Air Transport World  2014-12-19 17:01:00

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) has announced plans to ?reboot? its Blue1 subsidiary by replacing its nine Boeing 717s, most likely with 737-600s, and using it as a wet-lease more

Norwegian files formal complaint against discrimination in favor of SAS

Air Transport World  2014-12-15 20:16:00

Norwegian Air Shuttle has submitted a formal complaint to the European Commission and ESA (EFTA Surveillance Authority) about SAS Scandinavian Airlines receiving what it believes is ?differential treatment.? ...