Jetstar Japan to boost fleet expansion

Air Transport World  2018-02-17 18:23:00

Japanese LCC Jetstar Japan intends to ramp up its fleet expansion rate over the next few years, following a period of relatively low more

Passengers banned from entering Bali after fight on Jetstar

The New Zealand Herald  2018-02-07 01:54:42

Two passengers have been banned from flying with Jetstar after they hurled abuse at flight attendants and fellow travellers on a plane from Sydney to Bali.Video shows a female passenger on flight JQ37 ...

UK woman stranded with no money after Jetstar flight cancelled due to weather

The New Zealand Herald  2018-01-11 04:39:22

A woman who planned to spend three days in Nelson has been left stranded with no money and nowhere to sleep after her flight was cancelled due to bad weather.Michaela Hall, from England, was due to catch ...

Woman dies on flight from Rarotonga to Auckland

The New Zealand Herald  2018-01-05 06:21:55

Medical staff were called on board a flight from Rarotonga to Auckland today after a woman suffered a medical event and died.Passengers on Jetstar flight JQ130 this morning waited briefly on arrival as ...

Jetstar gift card an option for 'someone who loves to travel'

The New Zealand Herald  2017-12-18 02:54:20

Jetstar is launching a range of gift cards.The airline's chief commercial officer, Catriona Larritt, said the airline regularly received requests from New Zealand customers for travel vouchers to give ...

Flying from Napier to Auckland with Jetstar

The New Zealand Herald  2017-12-05 01:00:00

Winston Aldworth flies aboard Jetstar's JQ352 from Napier to Auckland. The plane: The Jetstar Bombardier Q300s have been working this route for more than a year now. Price: One-way prices start from ...

Probe after clipboard sucked into Jetstar engine

The New Zealand Herald  2017-11-01 04:54:30

Ground-handling firm Aerocare is investigating an incident where a clipboard left on an engine cowling was sucked into the engine of a Jetstar plane bound for Sydney.A union said it was "an unfathomable ...

Passengers and bags left in Rarotonga to lighten Jetstar plane's load as fuel crisis bites

The New Zealand Herald  2017-09-20 05:17:25

Passengers on a Jetstar flight from Rarotonga to Auckland this morning face a two-week wait for their luggage after it was left on the tarmac to save weight.More than 40 people are understood to have had ...

Jetstar cuts early morning regional flights in latest schedules

The New Zealand Herald  2017-08-29 23:56:17

Regional travellers may have to alter their plans thanks to a change in Jetstar flight schedules that cut a number of early flights from the regions.Jetstar recently published its new regional schedule, ...

Jetstar's carry-on crackdown costs passenger $70 for being 1kg over the weight limit

The New Zealand Herald  2017-07-21 03:38:21

A Jetstar passenger was left annoyed and frustrated by a carry-on crackdown earlier this month which meant forking out $70 to check in a bag because her hand luggage was 1kg overweight.The passenger, who ...

Queenstown Airport responsible for late flight

The New Zealand Herald  2017-07-10 23:07:25

Queenstown Airport has taken ''full responsibility'' for making an incorrect decision authorising a Jetstar flight to depart 13 minutes outside the airport's consented operating hours in May.Airport operations ...

Jetstar apology after Wellington to Auckland flight changes

The New Zealand Herald  2017-07-10 02:47:28

Jetstar has apologised to passengers after changing part of its late evening weekday Auckland to Wellington flight schedule to free up aircraft for earlier flights to Rarotonga.Times of Tuesday and Thursday ...

Jetstar plane that took off after curfew at Queenstown Airport to be investigated

The New Zealand Herald  2017-05-21 18:47:13

A breach of regulations by Queenstown Airport has been described as disappointing and concerning.A Jetstar flight left the resort on Saturday at 10.14pm - 14 minutes after the airport's approved operating ...

Jetstar passengers were trapped for hours on tarmac in Phuket with no air conditioning

The New Zealand Herald  2017-05-13 09:32:56

Passengers were fainting and babies were stripped down to just their nappies on a "nightmare" Melbourne-bound Jetstar flight stranded on the tarmac with no air conditioning in tropical conditions.Jetstar ...

Jetstar rejects claims it is the world's worst airline

The New Zealand Herald  2017-04-28 23:20:54

Low-cost carrier Jetstar has hit back at claims it is the worst airline in the world and said the findings research by consumer watchdog Choice had no credibility.Data compiled by 11 consumer groups globally ...

Family left stranded after Jetstar bans them from flight home

The New Zealand Herald  2017-03-01 02:29:00

Two families were left stranded on Hamilton Island after Jetstar barred them from boarding their flight home. Penrith mum Laura Kimber told she was stunned when she was told she could ...

Air NZ, Jetstar flights from Dunedin grounded due to mechanical problems

The New Zealand Herald  2017-02-12 08:25:38

Passengers have been left stranded at Dunedin Airport tonight after mechanical problems grounded two aircraft this afternoon. A Jetstar spokesperson said flight JQ284 from Dunedin to Auckland has been ...

Jetstar Pacific, ACG sign A320s sale and leaseback arrangement

Air Transport World  2017-02-10 20:52:00

Ho Chi Minh City-based low-cost carrier (LCC) Jetstar Pacific Airlines will sell and leaseback 10 new Airbus A320-200s to US-based lessor Aviation Capital Group (ACG). read more

Sick Auckland mum Caroline Gray forced to pay fee to transfer plane ticket to husband

The New Zealand Herald  2017-01-23 01:53:40

It's the same seat on the same flight but Jetstar won't let the husband of a sick woman take her seat without paying $248 first.Auckland mum Caroline Gray spent a total of $140 for two return tickets so ...

Family booted off Jetstar Australia flight

The New Zealand Herald  2017-01-11 07:56:53

Social media users are lashing out at Jetstar Australia after a family was kicked off a flight from Bali to Adelaide - but the airline is standing by its decision.In a video posted to Facebook by Vincent ...