Air NZ hoses down Virgin Blue share report

The New Zealand Herald  2010-07-15 21:21:27

Air New Zealand is quashing reports that is poised to take a cornerstone stake in rival airline Virgin Blue. The Sydney Morning Herald

Kerre Woodham : Humble pie over hostess outfits

The New Zealand Herald  2010-07-10 16:00:00

I was flying from Wellington to Auckland this week and one of the flight attendants was test driving a prototype of the latest Trelise-designed, Air New Zealand uniform. The uniforms will become standard ...

French prosecutor cites 'faulty sensors' in 2008 A320 crash, won't press charges

Air Transport World  2010-07-01 00:58:47

An inquiry by French prosecutors concluded that a combination of pilot error and faulty sensors caused an Air New Zealand A320 to crash into the Mediterranean Sea during a November 2008 test flight conducted ...

Blame on Airbus victims saddens mother

The New Zealand Herald  2010-06-30 16:00:00

A mother who lost a son in the Air New Zealand Airbus crash off France is saddened to see blame being meted out to the people involved.An expert report ordered by French prosecutors has partially blamed ...

Air NZ slams 'speculative' comments made over Airbus crash

The New Zealand Herald  2010-06-30 07:17:56

Air New Zealand has hit out at an aviation safety specialist's interpretation of what went on before an Airbus A320 crashed into the Mediterranean off France in 2008, calling his comments "speculative ...

Air NZ crew encouraged test that led to crash - expert

The New Zealand Herald  2010-06-30 02:41:26

Frustrated Air New Zealand crew members encouraged the pilots of an Airbus A320 to carry out tests at the last minute before the plane crashed off France's Mediterranean coast, an aviation safety specialist ...

Human error to blame for Air NZ crash - report

The New Zealand Herald  2010-06-29 16:00:00

PARIS - Experts for French prosecutors probing the fatal crash of an Air New Zealand jet in November 2008 have agreed with air safety investigations which partially blame human error.The experts say responsibility ...

Air NZ in France for Perpignan crash talks

The New Zealand Herald  2010-06-29 01:00:00

Air New Zealand said today it could not confirm a report that an announcement is due tonight on whether charges will be laid over the 2008 Airbus A320 crash in France which killed seven people.The Air ...

Hairy flight plan

The New Zealand Herald  2010-06-27 16:00:00

The last thing anyone wants is a close shave at 30,000ft - but that's exactly what a plane load of Air New Zealand passengers got yesterday.The airline put on a free flight from Auckland to the Queenstown ...

'Icon of Maoridom' has the last laugh

The New Zealand Herald  2010-06-19 16:00:00

He was booted off Princes Wharf six months ago but John Kairau says he had the last laugh after starring in an Air New Zealand billboard campaign.A self-described "icon" for Maori, Kairau can be found ...

Air NZ will quit IBM data centre

The New Zealand Herald  2010-06-18 16:00:00

Air New Zealand has confirmed it will sign a new data centre provider in Auckland.Rumours surfaced this week that IBM was being dumped from running Air NZ's data centre in Newton in favour of Telecom's ...

Air NZ passenger numbers up

The New Zealand Herald  2010-06-18 04:50:53

Air New Zealand carried 883,000 passengers in May, up 3.9 per cent on the same month last year.Poor weather caused a number of operational challenges during May, resulting in 85.5 per cent of domestic ...

Air NZ sanguine on Jetstar expansion

The Australian  2010-06-17 14:00:00

AIR New Zealand is unruffled by Jetstar's push to increase services in its home market.

Air NZ set to dump IBM for Gen-i after system collapse

The New Zealand Herald  2010-06-16 16:00:00

Air New Zealand is tipped to be dumping IT services company IBM in favour of Telecom's Gen-i business.An industry insider said Gen-i had been signed to replace IBM for running the airline's Newton data ...

World's Top Airline CEOs Descending into Queenstown this December

Just Plane News  2010-06-10 02:17:12

More than two dozen CEOs of the world's top airlines will meet in Queenstown this December, following Air New Zealand's...

Air NZ plane struck by lightning, lands safely

The New Zealand Herald  2010-06-08 02:47:31

An Air New Zealand plane has landed safely in Christchurch, after being struck by lightning.A Christchurch International Airport spokeswoman says emergency services were put on alert following the strike ...

Air New Zealand

Air Transport World  2010-06-07 14:23:57

unveiled June 1 a new self-service kiosk for passengers flying between New Zealand and Australia that aims to cut check-in times by 50%. Passengers scan their machine-readable passports at the kiosk and ...

Air NZ's abusive emailer gets a bumpy landing over job

The New Zealand Herald  2010-06-05 16:00:00

Most of us have thought about it, some of us have done it, but few have been caught out as spectacularly as Grant Fife.The Air New Zealand worker sacked for revealing just what he thought of his manager ...

Air NZ denies reports of Fijian 'near miss'

The New Zealand Herald  2010-06-02 03:47:02

Air New Zealand has dismissed reports one of its aircraft, about to land in Fiji, was on a collision course with another in the same air space as "sensationalist" media coverage.The Civil Aviation ...

Air New Zealand to equip new 777-300s with mobile capability

Air Transport World  2010-06-02 01:56:18

Air New Zealand to equip new 777-300s with mobile capability