Qantas plans Asian airline

The New Zealand Herald  2011-05-13 17:50:00

Australia's Qantas Airways plans to establish a new premium airline based in Singapore as part of plans to grow its operations in Asia and cut costs, reports say. An internal team at Qantas has revived ...

Leopards, panthers, monkeys and bear found in suitcase

Seattle Post-Intelligencer  2011-05-13 17:33:35

Thai police caught a man attempting to smuggle baby leopards, panthers, a bear and monkeys out of that country in his suitcase Friday, according to the FREELAND Foundation, an anti-trafficking group based ...

Cartel case out of line, say airlines

The New Zealand Herald  2011-05-13 17:30:00

A Commerce Commission cartel case against several major airlines - including Air New Zealand - is an attempt to extend jurisdictional reach beyond the proper scope of the act, the carriers say.The commission's ...

Taped-up Air New Zealand plane alarms traveller

The New Zealand Herald  2011-05-13 17:30:00

Don't worry - that isn't duct tape holding your Air New Zealand plane together.It's "high-speed" tape, a classic aluminium-based contrivance whose nickname has gradually sped up over the years from "100 ...

Name that airport ...

USA Today  2011-05-13 16:10:00

Here is this week's name that airport photo.

EADS reports first-quarter loss; Airbus considers further A320 production increase

Air Transport World  2011-05-13 15:23:45

Airbus parent EADS incurred a €12 million ($17.1 million) first-quarter net loss, reversed from a €103 million net profit in the year-ago period, but pointed to gains in revenue and operating income ...

Video: Lightning strikes A380 landing at London

USA Today  2011-05-13 15:03:00

An Emirates A380 being struck by lighting has been caught on video, showing a dramatic series of lighting bolts hitting the world's largest commercial ...

No-frills airline Spirit to offer initial public offering

USA Today  2011-05-13 13:05:54

Budget airline Spirit, which is known for no-frills flying, seeks $320 million in initial public offering.

US Airways: Airbus A330s getting 'complete facelift'

USA Today  2011-05-13 12:28:00

- "What is the status of the Envoy Suite seats and seating layout on the A330 fleet?"

Baby animals found in smuggler's luggage

BBC News  2011-05-13 08:54:27

A man is arrested at a Thai airport after endangered animals - including baby leopards, panthers and a bear - were found hidden in his suitcases.

Thai police arrest UAE man with bear, panthers in case

The Straits Times  2011-05-13 06:00:00

BANGKOK - A MAN whose luggage contained a baby bear, a pair of panthers, two leopards and some monkeys was arrested as he tried to smuggle the live animals out of Thailand, police said on Friday.Noor Mahmoodr, ...

Air NZ backs down over airport's stake in Queenstown

The New Zealand Herald  2011-05-13 04:12:56

Air New Zealand, the national carrier, has backed out of legal action over Auckland International Airport's stake in Queenstown Airport. Deputy chief executive Norm Thompson said Auckland Airport's decision ...

Delta plane clips another on the ground

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution  2011-05-13 02:28:00

No one was injured when the tip of a wing of one Delta Air Lines plane struck the back of another Thursday night in Atlanta.

Some states want TSA to ease up

USA Today  2011-05-13 00:11:06

Lawmakers in several states want to make "private parts" off limits at airport checkpoints.

Drunk romeo rips womans clothes on Virgian Atlantic flight

Seattle Post-Intelligencer  2011-05-13 00:00:18

A drunken male passenger allegedly ripped the clothes and yanked out hair of a woman in a fight that caused $40,000 in damage to a Virgin Atlantic plane earlier this month, news.com.au reported Thursday. ...

Incentives help win race for Porsche

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution  2011-05-12 23:26:48

Porsche's decision to put a $100 million North American headquarters complex next to Atlanta's airport came with state and local incentives worth about $14 million.

Boeing wins orders for eight 777s

The News Tribune  2011-05-12 22:22:22

Unidentified customers last week ordered eight new Boeing 777 jetliners, the company said today. At list prices for the most popular model in the 777 lineup, the 777-300ER, the order is worth $2.23 billion. ...

BA, Cabin Crew Near End Of Contract Battle

Aviation Week  2011-05-12 22:13:19

A deal has emerged after several rounds of talks and mediation efforts failed.

Brochure to cut air travel complaints

The Straits Times  2011-05-12 22:00:00

THE Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) - which handled 510 complaints against airlines last year - has come up with a brochure to prevent such problems taking off.It hopes that putting out information ...

Operations & Maintenance

Air Transport World  2011-05-12 21:51:36

MTU Maintenance Hannover was selected by Biman Bangladesh Airlines to carry out repair and overhaul services on its CFM56-7s under a five-year exclusive contract. Aveos said it won a seven-year contract ...

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