FAA Awards $125 Million In Green Contracts

Aviation Week  2010-06-24 22:54:38

The agency's major environmental initiative is aimed at accelerating the development of new aircraft technologies.

Obama lauds Boeing 737 sale to Russia

Seattle Post-Intelligencer  2010-06-24 22:35:00

In a meeting with his Russian counterpart Thursday, President Barack Obama lauded Russian Technologies plan to buy 50 Boeing 737s.

FAST Plan Wants 100 LL Replacement

Aviation Week  2010-06-24 22:04:30

A coalition of groups hope the Future Avgas Strategy and Transition plan help find a long-term solution for replacement fuel to 100 LL avgas.

Part 135 Operators Join Shannon Preclearance

Aviation Week  2010-06-24 22:04:22

U.S. Customs and Border Protection expands its preclearance program to include Part 135 operations.

Indira Gandhi International Airport shows off new terminal

Seattle Post-Intelligencer  2010-06-24 21:19:00

Indira Gandhi International Airport this week showed off its new terminal 3, which is set to be inaugurated July 3.

FAA: ADS-B technology officially up and running in Alaska

Seattle Post-Intelligencer  2010-06-24 20:36:00

Air traffic controllers in Alaska are now officially using Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast technology to improve safety and efficiency, the Federal Aviation Administration announced Thursday.

Lufthansa settles union dispute

BBC News  2010-06-24 19:50:34

Lufthansa, Europe's biggest airline, settles its dispute with pilots union Vereinigung Cockpit.

Boeing moving to recommend more 767 wing checks

Seattle Post-Intelligencer  2010-06-24 19:35:00

Boeing said it is likely to recommend more inspections for some of its 767s after American Airlines found cracks where the engine attaches to the wing, The Associated Press reported Thursday.

EADS: RAAF tanker progress shows maturity of U.S. offering

Seattle Post-Intelligencer  2010-06-24 19:13:00

The fourth of five Airbus A330s set for delivery as tankers to the Royal Australian Air Force has arrived in Australia for military conversion, EADS North America reported Thursday.

Boeing may recommend more 767 inspections

USA Today  2010-06-24 19:09:52

Boeing Co. said it is likely to recommend more inspections for some of its 767s after American Airlines found cracks where the engine attaches ...

Police fed held-up air travellers

BBC News  2010-06-24 18:49:30

Police calm down air passengers stuck on a plane at Prestwick Airport by buying them water and chocolate.

Union balloting BA cabin crew for new strikes

USA Today  2010-06-24 18:26:57

Britain's largest union says it will be balloting thousands of British Airways cabin crew regarding a possible new round of strikes.

BA launches recruitment drive for new flight staff

guardian.co.uk  2010-06-24 18:21:39

Unite union fury over BA's plan to employ new crewHopes of a settlement between British Airways and the Unite trade union in a dispute over cabin crew pay and conditions receded today after the airline ...

Virgin Atlantic: Customs threatened arrest if Conn. plane unloaded

USA Today  2010-06-24 18:17:39

The pilot on a Virgin Atlantic flight that spent several hours on the tarmac after being diverted to Connecticut had asked for permission to ...

Boeing likely to advise more 767 inspections

Chicago Business  2010-06-24 18:07:00

(AP) - Boeing Co. said it is likely to recommend more inspections for some of its 767s after American Airlines found cracks where the engine attaches to the wing.Boeing is considering asking airlines to ...

Air Force moves ahead with C-130 avionics upgrades

Seattle Post-Intelligencer  2010-06-24 17:48:00

The U.S. Air Force has granted approval for low-rate initial production of C-130 avionics modernization, Boeing announced Thursday.

FAA awards $125 million to Boeing, others to green aviation

Seattle Post-Intelligencer  2010-06-24 17:25:00

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration on Thursday today announced $125 million in contracts to Boeing and other companies for development and demonstration of technologies that reduce commercial jet ...

Airbus opens a second engineering center in Wichita

Seattle Post-Intelligencer  2010-06-24 17:12:00

Airbus on Thursday officially opened a second engineering center in Wichita, Kan.

Dixons: other companies that have changed their names

guardian.co.uk  2010-06-24 17:08:47

A change is not always for the best, as some of these companies showOther companies that have changed their names in recent years include Aviva, which was accused of ditching 200 years of history when ...

Boeing nets 787, 737 orders

Seattle Post-Intelligencer  2010-06-24 16:45:00

Boeing has notched new unidentified customer orders for three 787 Dreamliners and two 737s in the past week, according to an update of the company's orders website.

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