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Pilots slam CASA over caveats

The Australian  2016-12-01 13:00:00

Aircraft owners and pilots have slammed a ruling by CASA to delay mandatory installation of air navigation systems.

Lucky dozen to score a cadetship

The Australian  2016-12-01 13:00:00

Aspiring pilots are being urged to apply for Jetstar's cadetship program, with applications closing on Sunday.

Landing Qatar buoys Canberra

The Australian  2016-12-01 13:00:00

Canberra Airport is courting international airlines to fly passengers to Auckland.

ACCC to clamp airlines? add-ons

The Australian  2016-12-01 13:00:00

Competition tsar Rod Sims has threatened legal action against budget airlines Jetstar and Tigerair over flight add-ons.

ACCC clamps down on flight fees

The Australian  2016-12-01 09:43:00

Virgin will stop preselecting travel insurance for passengers during online booking after ACCC pressure.

Fatal errors pilots keep making

The Australian  2016-12-01 08:01:00

Flying on fumes, as pilots call it, sounds impossible in the modern age but running out of fuel happens. Why?

Virgin yields on insurance

The Australian  2016-12-01 00:40:00

Virgin will stop preselecting travel insurance for passengers during online booking after ACCC pressure.

?Help us get to the runway?

The Australian  2016-11-30 19:36:00

The pilot of the plane that crashed in Colombia with a football team aboard allegedly radioed that he was running out of fuel.

Qantas in spin on US hurdle

The Australian  2016-11-29 13:00:00

Qantas's plans to dominate the Pacific are in tatters and its routes into San Francisco and Dallas under review.

Injuries as turbulence hits

The Australian  2016-11-29 07:26:00

Passengers on a flight into Sydney were hurt after severe turbulence hit during an approach to landing.

Canberra to get Qatar air link

The Australian  2016-11-29 01:06:00

Canberra will be serviced by two international airlines, with Qatar Airways to follow in Singapore Airlines' slipstream.

Qantas US flights plan ditched

The Australian  2016-11-28 22:28:00

Qantas and American Airlines have ended plans to expand their alliance after a ruling by US transport authorities.

Airline bans Trump backer

The Australian  2016-11-28 22:02:00

Delta imposes life ban on passenger who professed his support for Donald Trump and insulted travellers | WATCH

Boeing in WTO crosshairs

The Australian  2016-11-28 13:00:00

The WTO is expected to rule that Boeing has been granted illegal state subsidies for its latest long-range jet.

Qantas-AA plan ?unpersuasive?

The Australian  2016-11-28 08:12:00

Qantas has less than a week to rescue its American Airlines tie-up after the US regulator's red light.

Pilot hijacked MH370: experts

The Australian  2016-11-25 13:00:00

A survey of air crash investigators and commercial pilots ­has found MH370 pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah hijacked the plane.

Family dream finally takes wing

The Australian  2016-11-25 13:00:00

Like an albino jumbo, the airport John Wagner's family built outside Toowoomba was supposed to be a rich man's folly.

Enigma of MH370: key theories

The Australian  2016-11-25 13:00:00

Sex, politics and the latest crash theories: rogue pilot or hero, we'll never be quite certain until MH370 is located.

Airport screening a ?facade?

The Australian  2016-11-25 02:53:00

Whistleblower Allan Kessing says passenger screening is a "useless facade", and intelligence gathering needs resources.

$33,000 to sacked air steward

The Australian  2016-11-24 13:00:00

A Qantas flight attendant sacked for stealing a small amount of alcohol has been awarded $33,000 compensation.

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