Air China signs codeshare with Kunming Airlines

Breaking Travel News  2014-09-13 08:10:08

Air China and Kunming Airlines signed a codeshare cooperation agreement in the city of Kunming on September 3, 2014 , and the two carriers will start code share in the form of free marketing on each other?s ...

'Metal shards' hold MH17 crash clue

BBC News  2014-09-12 15:18:44

The investigation into the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 searches for clues in 25 pieces of metal recovered from bodies and debris.

Malaysia urged to stay the course

The Australian  2014-09-11 14:00:00

MALAYSIA Airlines should not change its name and needs to dealing with recent crashes, says a global branding specialist Landor Associates.

Singapore LCC Scoot reveals first 787 routes

Air Transport World  2014-09-10 19:41:00

Singapore-based low-cost carrier Scoot has revealed that Hong Kong, Sydney and Perth will be the first three routes to be upgraded to Boeing 787-9s when the new aircraft begin more

China Eastern Airlines introduces new livery, logo

Air Transport World  2014-09-10 13:38:00

China Eastern Airlines has unveiled a new look after 25 years, which includes a new logo featuring the shape of a swallow consisting of two capital letters, C and E, the initial letters of the carrier?s ...

Japan extends Mt Fuji train service

Bangkok Post  2014-09-10 13:29:00

KOFU, JAPAN - The Narita Express train service between Narita International Airport and stations close to Mt Fuji will continue operating for additional two months through Nov 30 due to robust response, ...

Malaysia Airline bookings show signs of recovery

Breaking Travel News  2014-09-10 08:47:53

Malaysia Airlines bookings have bounced back from the MH17 tragedy in July with average load factors now above 70 per cent on flights departing Australia and New Zealand for Kuala Lumpur and beyond. According ...

Malaysia Airlines bookings show signs of recovery

Breaking Travel News  2014-09-10 08:47:13

Malaysia Airlines bookings have bounced back from the MH17 tragedy in July with average load factors now above 70 per cent on flights departing Australia and New Zealand for Kuala Lumpur and beyond. According ...

Accident report says high-energy objects impacted MH17; notes three other airliners nearby

Air Transport World  2014-09-09 17:28:00

Damage found on wreckage of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 indicates there were impacts from a large number of high-energy objects from outside the aircraft, according to a Dutch Safety Board accident ...

Jetstar deploys latest 787 deliveries on Japan routes

Air Transport World  2014-09-09 15:06:00

As Qantas subsidiary Jetstar continues to build up its Boeing 787 fleet, it is focusing its latest deliveries on upgrading direct routes from Australia to more

Shrapnel tore apart cockpit of MH17

The Australian  2014-09-09 14:00:00

THE cockpit of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was torn apart by a mass of objects as it flew over eastern Ukraine.

Why MH17 report avoids word 'missile'

CNN  2014-09-09 11:42:46

The report into Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 tells us that MH17 was brought down by "high energy objects" which were of "external causes" and never once uses the words missile. How can this be?

Malaysia Airlines MH17 hit by numerous objects

Breaking Travel News  2014-09-09 11:33:27

A report into the crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 has said the aircraft broke up in mid-air after being hit by ?numerous objects?. Unidentified objects ?pierced the plane at high velocity?, the ...

Qatar Airways launches direct flights to Phuket, Thailand

Breaking Travel News  2014-09-09 09:45:54

Qatar Airways will boost services to Thailand with the introduction of non-stop flights to Phuket, effective October 26th, 2014. The airline currently serves the Doha ? Phuket route daily via a linked ...

Preliminary MH17 report released

CNN  2014-09-09 08:10:31

Dutch aviation investigators released a preliminary report Tuesday laying out what little they know about what brought down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over Ukraine, but without assigning any blame for ...

WWII pilot reunited with historic plane

CNN  2014-09-09 06:44:15

An American and a Chinese vet, the only surviving pilots of the wartime China National Aviation Corp, celebrate at a reunion after an historic flight of a Douglas C-47.

Japan starts direct flight to Cambodia

Bangkok Post  2014-09-09 05:54:00

PHNOM PENH - Asia Atlantic Airlines began a direct flight between Narita and Phnom Penh on Monday.

Dutch to publish first MH17 report

BBC News  2014-09-09 01:24:15

Dutch experts are due to publish the first report into what caused Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 to crash in eastern Ukraine in July.

Russians 'operated BUK' in MH17 area

BBC News  2014-09-08 17:12:17

Russians were operating a BUK missile launcher seen in the area where the Malaysia Airlines passenger jet MH17 was shot down, eyewitnesses tell the BBC.

The persistence of conspiracy theories about MH370

BBC News  2014-09-08 11:08:42

Why has the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight 370 prompted so many conspiracy theories?

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