These 11 airlines offer free in-flight Wi-Fi

USA Today  2016-02-04 16:11:17

By: Ramsey Qubein | February 4, 2016 11:00 amTravelers made it clear that they want free Wi-Fi and they want it now. But few airlines are willing to give the fliers what they want ? especially in the U.S., where the cost and quality of in-flight internet vary wildly. However, there are a few airlines around the world that understand travelers? desire to connect for free while they?re in the sky. The following carriers have various free internet offerings.Emirates: This Dubai-based airline offers free Wi-Fi on its large fleet of Airbus A380s flying to or from its base. Emirates offers up to 10MB of free access to all passengers on the world?s largest aircraft, which makes it easy to check email or chat on social media. Faster bandwidth costs only $1, which is also available aboard its Boeing B777 fleet, and the proceeds are donated to charity.Norwegian: Unlike most of its low-cost competitors, this few-frills airline offers free Wi-Fi for all passengers aboard its flights within Europe and between the U.S. and the Caribbean.Icelandair: Business class and elite members in the airline?s frequent-flier program, Saga Club, can connect to a free Wi-Fi signal aboard the airline?s fleet, even on long-haul flights.Finnair: With the launch of its new Airbus A350 aircraft, Finnair offers all business-class customers and elite members of its frequent flier program free wireless internet throughout the flight.Aer Lingus: Business class passengers aboard Aer Lingus? Airbus A330 aircraft can access free Wi-Fi, but everyone else has to pay a fee.Southwest: Southwest honors its most loyal fliers, A-List members, with free Wi-Fi on any equipped aircraft.jetBlue: JetBlue already offers free broadband wireless internet to all customers in most of its planes. And the Wi-Fi ? at least in theory ? works faster than the home internet of the average American. The airline recently announced plans to become the first U.S. carrier to provide free high-speed Wi-Fi across its entire fleet.Garuda Indonesia: This newly knighted SkyTrax 5-star airline now offers free wireless internet to its first-class customers. Only a select number of its Boeing 777 planes offer first class, but those that do certainly provide a convenient and productive flight.Hong Kong Airlines: This small airline operates a modest fleet of Airbus A330-200 planes, which fly mostly between London and Hong Kong, and feature free wireless internet from start to finish.Nok Air: This mostly regional, Bangkok-based low-cost carrier is another one of the world?s few budget airlines to offer free wireless internet. The no-cost Wi-Fi comes on many of its flights, and more aircraft are slowly being equipped with internet capabilities.Turkish Airlines: This carrier offers free internet on its Boeing 777 aircraft, even when flying over the ocean. It is yet to be seen when the rest of the fleet will be equipped.

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