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Four ways to earn miles you probably don't know

USA Today  2015-02-16 15:46:24

I?ve done a lot of crazy things in my life to earn miles. I once went to Bosley Medical for a hair replacement consultation to earn 20,000 Delta miles. I have a full head of hair ? or at least I did then.I might have once gone dumpster diving at Wendy?s for soda cups, when 64 of those were enough for a free roundtrip ticket on Airtran. I?ve definitely rented and returned cars I did not need, because the mileage bonuses were so big ? worth far more than the rental fee.Flying, using a rewards credit card, and giving your mileage number when you rent a car are common knowledge. So, too, is earning big miles for investing (Fidelity will give you up to 50,000 miles with American, United, or Delta depending on how much money you deposit). Here are four things you may not knowDivorced with kids? You may live in a state that collects child support from you and forwards it to the parent with custody. Several states including Arizona, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Texas, and Wisconsin accept credit cards. You can actually earn miles for paying child support.Earn miles for all your online shopping. If you start your shopping session at a ?rewards mall? like those offered by American AAdvantage, United MileagePlus, or Delta SkyMiles you?ll earn miles for the things you?re going to buy anyway at your favorite retailers. Whether it?s Target, JC Penney, Sears, or just about anywhere else you can earn miles for the purchases you?d be making anyway. Pro tip: Use EV Reward to find out which portals offer you the most miles or cash back for the stores you?re going to shop at.Open an online checking account. Many banks will let you fund your new account up to a certain amount of money with your mileage-earning credit card. The key is to find out whether the bank will code the transaction as a purchase (which earns points) or a cash advance (which won?t earn points, but will incur interest charges). Pro tip: ask your credit card issuer to set your cash advance limit to zero, to make sure that any charge coming through as a cash advance simply gets declined.Take your family out to dinner. United used to partner with Safeway for ?GroceryMiles? and you could earn lots of extra miles grocery shopping and eating at home. Rewards Network partners with several airlines to reward you with several extra dollars per point for eating out at participating restaurants. Pro tip: Pick up the check with your pre-registered credit card, let everyone else in your group give you cash, and watch your mileage balance grow.I once test drove a Jaguar to earn 10,000 miles and got others in my family to do the same. You used to be able to earn miles by giving blood. Every good deal eventually comes to an end, but if you?re alert you can spot opportunities and your miles balance will grow quickly!Like Road Warrior Voices on Facebook!

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