MH370: 'Plane seat' found washed up on Reunion Island three months ago

The New Zealand Herald  2015-08-02 00:04:23

Nicolas Ferrier barely gave the blue seat a second glance. As he carried out his daily patrol of the wild shores of Reunion, picking up debris from the jet black sands and giant boulders, it seemed to ...

Italy seizes $205K from Snoop

CNN  2015-08-01 23:43:36

Snoop Dogg left Italy $205,000 lighter on Saturday after police seized money from him at an airport in Calabria.

Plane crashes at auto festival in UK

CNN  2015-08-01 16:53:34

Police in Cheshire, England, said they are responding to reports of a plane crash at CarFest, a car and music festival.

BA to cut hand baggage allowance

BBC News  2015-08-01 16:20:57

British Airways announces it is to cut the hand baggage allowance for customers on its flights.

2 airliners in drone near-misses

CNN  2015-08-01 15:59:20

A drone flying near one of the nation's busiest airports came within 100 feet of a commercial flight on Friday, according to audio from the flight's radio calls.

Snoop Dogg cash seized in Italy

BBC News  2015-08-01 14:38:13

Rap star Snoop Dogg is stopped by police at an Italian airport for carrying more cash than allowed, with half of his $422,000 seized.

Bin Laden family members killed in plane crash

CNN  2015-08-01 11:03:39

Members of Osama bin Laden's family were killed in a small plane crash in southern England in which three passengers and the pilot died, the Saudi Embassy in London said.

Emirates launches second daily service to Lisbon

Breaking Travel News  2015-08-01 10:51:05

Emirates will start operating a second daily service to Lisbon, Portugal from 1st January 2016. The second daily wide-bodied flight will offer passengers the highest standards of passenger comfort, with ...

MH370 answers could come soon

CNN  2015-08-01 06:17:30

Debris believed to be from a Boeing 777 arrived in France on Saturday, where investigators will use sophisticated technology to determine whether it's linked to the long-missing Malaysia Airlines Flight ...

Crashed jet 'belonged to Bin Ladens'

BBC News  2015-08-01 04:22:00

A plane that crashed at a small UK airport killing four people is believed to have belonged to Osama bin Laden's family.




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