Is Bellew preparing to take control at Ryanair?  2017-10-22 17:00:00

Peter Bellew's return to the Ryanair fold fires the starting gun on the race to succeed Michael O'Leary as the boss of Europe's largest airline.

Dublin Airport study warns about delays  2017-10-22 17:00:00

A Report into the capacity of Dublin Airport has issued two "advisory flags" about Terminal 2 and warned about increasing delays at peak times.

Ryanair pilots to set pay demands as biggest base rejects deal  2017-10-22 15:57:32

The stand-off between pilots and executives has simmered since the airline was forced to cancel flights affecting about 700,000 customers

Airbus turmoil overshadows bid to rescue CSeries

Reuters  2017-10-22 12:53:20

PARIS (Reuters) - Airbus's coup in buying a $6 billion Canadian jetliner project for a dollar stunned investors and took the spotlight off a growing ethics row last week, but internal disarray has raised ...

Airline passengers not impressed by cabin crew holding a bizarre 'moaning' contest

The New Zealand Herald  2017-10-22 02:27:20

They usually strive to please passengers. But a team of AirAsia cabin crew decided to ditch their professionalism in favour of a bizarre plane prank, instead.Footage shows staff taking part in a strange ...

FAA Steps Up Warnings on Lithium Battery Fire Hazards

The Wall Street Journal  2017-10-21 13:55:57

The FAA has stepped up warnings about potential major fire hazards for airliners stemming from overheating laptop batteries in checked baggage, even as President Donald Trump?s administration is putting ...

Global laptop ban proposal gains steam  2017-10-21 04:42:44

Banning laptops from checked bags: UN will consider proposal in the coming week as US Federal Avaition Administration notes danger to connecting international flights

Sour grapes: Man sues airline for serving him sparkling wine instead of champagne

The New Zealand Herald  2017-10-21 02:52:16

A Canadian man has launched a class-action lawsuit against a low-cost airline for serving sparkling wine instead of champagne.Daniel Macduff was looking forward to the complimentary glass of champagne ...

Airbus jet designed to win back sales from Boeing takes maiden flight

The New Zealand Herald  2017-10-20 20:43:18

Airbus's newest airliner - the A330neo - has made a successful maiden flight, marking an important milestone for both the pan-European plane-maker and Rolls-Royce, which builds the engines for it.The new ...

People-Oct. 20, 2017

Air Transport World  2017-10-20 20:33:00

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